I'm up in Grand Rapids, MN, today participating in a local TEDx event. My talk is on "The important difference between a road and a street", which you all understand but which will be new ground for many others. To be spreading the Strong Towns message this way is really exciting. I am extremely thankful for this opportunity.

I'm a little conflicted Sunday night as I write this, however, because I feel like I owe it to all of you -- not to mention Jon, Ben and our Strong Towns Board -- to practice my talk a couple more times and then get a good night of sleep. They are going to post all of our talks on YouTube soon after the event and I want it to be good enough so you can all share it with people in your communities. That won't happen if I am a sleep-deprived zombie.

So let's make a deal....I'll do my normal Monday post for Tuesday this week and we'll just pretend that this is an off-day post. For your part of the deal, you go and friend TEDx 1000 Lakes on Facebook so they feel the love and so you will get an update on when the videos are available. We'll call that even.

You can get a feel for the entire lineup on the event website. I had dinner tonight seated next to 16-yo Olivia Golemgeske (A vaccine for bullying) and Rose McGee (The power of pie) and, when you add them to the other presentations I saw during rehearsal, it is clear this is going to be a great event.