Friday News Digest (Crowd Sourced)

It is 2AM and I'm just getting home from a Curbside Chat in Mason City, IA. Lots to talk about with that -- all good -- but for now the sleep fairy is calling me. This is especially true since Daughter #2 is now the ill one and in a few hours she is going to need one-on-one daddy time and my full, awake attention.

So here's the deal....below is the sausage making of the Friday News Digest. When someone mails me an article during the week or when I come across something that interests me, I paste it into this post. Thursday night into Friday morning, I go through and provide excerpts and my own comments.

This Friday, I'm going to turn that over to you. Pick an article, give me a quote and a Strong Towns take. When I get time to put the News Digest together sometime on Friday, if your stuff is good, I'll put it in the post and give you the attribution. We'll call this crowd sourcing the news. And if you have a news article out there that I've not included, do the same thing but also provide the link. 

I'm excited to hear what ideas you might have.


and #12 is a photo:

You can email to me at or just use the comments section.