The reaction to the From the Mayor's Office series of posts has been fantastic. I thank all of you who have emailed, tweeted, commented or passed along those posts. A different approach is truly within our grasp. It doesn't take more money, more regulation or some program instituted from the top. All it takes is an understanding of how to create value in a place and the desire to do it.

A number of you asked me to describe what a reorientation of one staff position or another that I had not included. I acknowledge that, while it was a long, three-part series, I did not get to every job, person or organization that could or should be mobilized for building a strong town. Now it's your turn.

I plan to package up the entire series one way or another and would love your input on the From the Mayor's Office finale. I'll give you full credit for your work if we use it. All I need you to do is submit your own description for how a staff position or organization should be reworked. You can add that in the comments section or, if you prefer, email me at

Here's what I've touched on already:

  • Part 1: City Engineer, City Planner

  • Part 2: Economic Development Director, Parks and Recreation Director, Housing Rehabilitation Agency Director, Transit Coordinator

  • Part 3: Public Safety Coordinator, Public Utilities Supervisor, Maintenance Supervisor, School District Superintendent, Religious Leader, Council of Local Non-Profits, State Legislator

Looking forward to hearing from our readers on this one.


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