I'm an engineer so I love graphics. This one is brilliant. It was not done by me and I am ashamed to say that I can't locate the author in my inbox to properly credit them (see update below), but this represents a perfect understanding of transportation infrastructure.

Let's contrast the wisdom of that graphic with the standard approach of the engineering profession. The following graphic is from the master plan for Lander, WY, but a derivation of it is likely found in your own local plan or transportation guideline. This thinking is ubiquitous.

Lander Master Plan.png

The current engineering approach is to balance access and mobility. The result is a stroad, the futon of transportation providing poor access along with limited mobility (and does it at great financial cost). 

A Strong Town appoach understands that the greatest value is created by transportation investments that focus on access OR mobility. If you want to build a strong town, stop building stroads.


on 2013-12-06 04:56 by Charles Marohn

Thankfully I was alerted to who put together this graphic and I need to give them props. A non-profit called Design Rochester from here in Minnesota designed it. They promote thoughtful design within the city of Rochester, MN, and it is obvious from this graphic and the information on their website that they get it. 

We're going to be in Rochester in 2014 for a Curbside Chat and a workshop. I'll see if I can touch base with Design Rochester and learn more about what they are doing and what we can all learn from their model.