Open Innovation is a CNU track that allows everyone with something worth saying to participate in the program. At CNU 21, I'm participating in an open innovation session on Saturday afternoon (How much control? Subsidiary and radical trust) and my Strong Towns colleague, Nate Hood, has one on Friday (The Building Blocks from Patterns to Job Creation).

CNU's NextGen group is hosting an open innovation session and, in the spirit of those last minute ideas (often the best ones) and keeping the agenda open for late arrivers, they are now seeking proposals. Here are the details:

  • Do you understand urbanism in the new economy?
  • Can you tell us what will matter most in the next decade?
  • Do you have the next big idea?

Open Innovation Session: What's Next: Emerging Ideas
Thursday, May 30, 2013 | 3:45 PM - 5:00 PM

Curated by the Next Generation of New Urbanists, this collection of ideas from all aspects of New Urbanism will call attention to emerging ideas in New Urbanism. As Gen X and Gen Y (and soon Gen Z) take on new roles in our society, the changing landscape will create both challenges and opportunities, requiring new techniques and methods to implement the CNU Charter.

Proposals will be reviewed and chosen in a blind selection process by the NextGen Steering Committee. All are welcome to participate regardless of age, seniority, or experience with the CNU.  The panel will select presentations on the admittedly subjective grounds of what are the most critical emerging ideas.

Proposals should include a presentation title and a brief descriptive paragraph.  Send proposals to by May 11.

Presentations will be 6 minutes.  This session is a part of the Open Innovation Track, and will be on Thursday, May 30 from 3:45 PM - 5:00 PM.

Please do not submit if you are already speaking at 2 other CNU sessions. You can still register for CNU 21 in Salt Lake City by going to the congress website.