I got back from CNU on Sunday, was home for two cold and wet days, and then headed to the (cold and wet) Niagara Region of Ontario for a couple of days. I'm now back in cold and wet Minnesota. No complaints, though, as my two girls are now done with school and so I've got them back for Fridays again. This summer we decided to do "Daddy Science Friday" (their request) and so we just finished today's lesson about forests. (Dad, we already know about trees. Lesson 1: It is one thing to know how about trees, quite another to understand a forest.) Needless to say, the late night last night combined with the busy morning has crimped my News Digest schedule. My apologies.

I'm going to pound this one out in 140 character bites -- nice and tweetable -- in deference to time constraints. Two girls have indicated they would like lunch.

Enjoyed the news.

  • Norman Wright with a thoughtful dissection of Carl Schramm's critique of the planning profession. Worth reading. planetizen.com/node/63284
  • If you cheer for the market downgrading toll road company for lack of drivers, consider the implications for cities. kvue.com/news/local/Cre…
  • A new dog park in my hometown -- awesome! I can't wait to walk my dog there...oh wait, I have to drive to get there? brainerddogpark.com 
  • America's reserve currency status in fatal decline as we transition to entire new world economic order. Yawn... cnbc.com/id/100461159

and finally....

  • Someone special in my life is always excited when I branch out into new music (she is constantly trying). OK Go. npr.org/event/music/18… 

Enjoy your weekend, everyone. Next week I have a four or five day series planned on a topic I've been dancing around (Supply side Keynes, economics, the American economy and how it all relates to housing and cities). See you then.


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