On Monday I'm going to be heading to our nation's capital to take part in a forum being put on by the Washington Post. We're also planning a Strong Towns on Tap get together. Here are the details for both of those events.

Washington Post America Answers

The event is Tuesday at the Studio Theater. My understanding is that tickets are still available. I will be speaking in the afternoon, about an hour after Vice President Biden addresses attendees, but I'm planning to attend the entire day. Depending on how things go, I'll try to collect some audio and even do some live blogging. And maybe I can ask the VP about Strong Towns.

My talk is called Transportation: The Long View. I was required to submit my presentation already and so I can report that I plan to explain that our DC-centric transportation funding system is broke, that it is insolvent because it operates at the wrong scale and that a more nuanced approach to transportation would focus on small investments tied closely with neighborhood land use improvements. We'll see how that message plays. 

Strong Towns on Tap, DC

Monday, October 20 at 6PM we are going to be gathering at Right Proper Brewing Company (624 T St. NW) for a Strong Towns in Tap gathering. These are generally informal events -- a chance to network and meet like-minded people -- but Jim Kumon (our Executive Director) and I will both be there so, depending on how things go, we may have some remarks to share. We'll certainly give you all the inside information on where the movement is headed. Let us know on Facebook if you can make it so we can have a rough head count.