We invite our members to submit their questions on anything that they would like our thoughts on. We’ll give you a Strong Towns answer or find an expert who can. This week, Matthew from St. Joseph, Missouri, asks:

I understand that you have a creative commons license, but before I start trying to get articles from your blog published into a couple of small local papers in hopes of educating all the Robidouxbians I wanted to ask for your permission. Not sure if there are rules I am unaware of that would make it a foul if I were to disseminate Strong Town propaganda.

You have our permission.

Our licensing is set up to encourage you to share this information in whatever venue it will help you spread the message. Anything you want to share with your local paper, please share. Anything you want to excerpt, please do.

If you want to copy and paste the work we’ve done and submit it to your paper or city council with your name, feel free.

The value that our organization creates in developing this message is only magnified when you share it. And put it to use in your life, your neighborhood and your community. Go forth and share freely.

And if you’d like to help us – you are already a member and we thank you for that – send us a copy of where you are sharing our work so that we can share it with others. The more people this country has sharing this message in their voice in their community, the stronger we are all going to be.