The Strong Towns Movement

Every fall we do a fundraising week where we go PBS on you and divert from our regular programming to focus on sustaining the organization. This is that week so, if you’ve been putting it off, now is the time to sign up to be a member.

Even though I believe passionately in the Strong Towns movement, I hate asking for money. So, if you are already a member, I’m going to ask you to give me a hand this week. What I need you to do:

1.       Go to your Facebook feed and let people know why you are a member of Strong Towns. Link them to the membership site and urge them to join the movement with you.

2.       Do the same on Twitter. Our handle is @strongtowns if you’re not already connected.

3.       Do the same on LinkedIn and any other social media page you regularly frequent.

4.       Email three friends that you know that share our values and should be members. Let them know, in your own words, why it is time for them to sign up.

If you want to take it a step further,

I LOVE OUR MEMBERS! This photo was taken at the National Gathering in Minneapolis this past September.

I LOVE OUR MEMBERS! This photo was taken at the National Gathering in Minneapolis this past September.

5.       Make your own video short on why you are part of the Strong Towns movement. Send it to us and we’ll share it.

6.       If you aren’t a video person, we’ve set up a voicemail box to collect your testimonial. Call 218-833-2142 and leave your thoughts. We’ll gather them up and share them here and on the podcast.

I’m going to do my part as well to get as many people signed up this week as possible, but your thoughts expressed in your way to the people in your lives are way more powerful than anything I can do. Thank you for your help.

We started the year with our goal being 800 members by December 31. As of midnight last night, we are sitting at 476. That’s an impressive number for such a young organization, but we can do a lot better. Help us add those 324 new members by year’s end by signing up today and letting others know that they should be part of the Strong Towns movement.

Keep working to build a strong town.