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Snap photos of the parking lots in your community on Black Friday. Upload them to Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #blackfridayparking. When you upload your photo, turn on location for your Tweet and include in your post your estimate for the percentage of the lot occupied by parked cars (eg. 40%).

See where #blackfridayparking data is coming from and follow the live stream.

Check back here throughout the day for a live feed of photos and Tweets. Your photo should show up here within 30 minutes of being posted.

Many thanks to Lou Huang for coding the participation map on this page and for helping us think of ways to make this event even more impactful. He's a great inspiration. Special thanks also to one of our super members, Jesse Bailey, for helping program the photo feed and for pushing us to make this a yearly event.

And finally, if you are confused about what this is all about, check out our post from earlier in the week. 

Update: Hundreds of photos have found their way to our shared folder. Wow! This has been an amazing day. Thank you to everyone who took photos and thank you to everyone who shared them with others. We start small and we grow steadily year after year. That's the Strong Towns way. Nice job, everyone.