Many of you, especially those of you that I'm connected with on Facebook, know that I enjoy baking, especially this time of year. Christmas to me is an experience that includes all the unique music, smells and tastes I have come to associate with it. My two grandmothers were excellent at baking and created the most amazing treats each year. My most vivid childhood memories include tasting their creations.

They've now passed away and I realized years ago that, if I wanted these traditions to continue -- and who wouldn't -- that I needed to take up baking. I love it, and over the years I've been able to experiment, refine and add to the menu of selections I grew up with. It is a passion of mine that not only forces me to slow down for a month but gives me time to reflect on all the things one should ponder at the end of each year.

Instead of writing, I am staying up late listening to Christmas music and baking cookies. Life is beautiful.

The best part, however, is what happens afterwards. I give them away. Almost all of them -- well over 1,000 cookies. And while I give some to friends and family, I try to pick out people who have shown some uncommon degree of kindness over the past year, either to me or someone else, and surprise them with a little bit of love from our kitchen. Again, life is beautiful.

This year I'm donating a large tray to Strong Towns to auction off as a final fundraiser for the year. The proceeds will be dedicated to funding the remaining ten Curbside Chat video shorts Gracen Johnson is preparing. This series of videos -- short narratives that tell the Curbside Chat story -- are the most requested item on our to do list and are a very high priority for us. 

The auction is now live on eBay and will run through the 19th. I'm going to finish up my baking on the 22nd and get this massive tray of confections out in the mail to the winner for them to receive on the 24th, just in time for your own sharing. Everything is homemade by me personally. There are nuts, lots of sugar and happy memories included. 


For those of you who lose out on the bid and/or just want to help out with the important video project, we welcome you to make a tax-deductible donation of any amount which will be dedicated entirely to this effort.


Thanks everyone. Let's have some fun with this.