The German verb spritzen apparently means "to squirt" in English. The Marohn side of the family had some Prussian ancestry and that is also the side that did Spritz, although the Norwegian side of my family also produced some. I read somewhere that spritz cookies also have Scandinavian roots, but does it matter? They are so tasty.

The thing that makes spritz so good is very soft, fluffy butter and the almond extract. For me there is no more clearly definable Christmas smell than almond extract, including pine. 

This weekend I not only baked spritz but some other delights including some prototypical American cookies: cornflake wreaths (white chocolate binds corn flakes together) and Oreo dips (cookies dipped in almond barque). 

The bidding on the Strong Towns cookie tray -- still very much a work in progress -- sits at just $61. I was in the store this weekend and there was a pathetic tray of manufactured cookies for $50. Surely we can do better.


All the money from this auction goes towards helping us complete the Curbside Chat videos. If you'd like to skip the treats and just help us with that cause, make your donation here.

I love baking. Sharing them with all of you here is just a bonus.