Last week I was alerted to a new organization, Citizens for Roads, Asphalt and Parking, through the Facebook feed of the transportation advocacy coalition MoveMN. The MoveMN coalition -- or the PR firm they hired to flood social media and lobby the legislature on their behalf -- recommended that we all participate in CRAP's initiative to raise awareness.

With CRAP and MoveMN both suggesting that we share our priorities, I felt compelled to share mine. This is Willow Street in front of my church in Brainerd, Minnesota. They are removing parking along one side in order to make it legally wide enough for two bike lanes. If we had the money, we could just move the curbs out by two feet and then we would have the mandated room necessary for bike lanes and the much needed parking.

If you feel like me and see all of the "needs" in your community, support CRAP by tweeting your projects with the hashtag #MyTransportationPriority.