So yesterday was really great. I want to give you a few highlights from that first.

  • I had a chance to interview Lynn Richards, the incoming President/CEO of the Congress for the New Urbanism. She was a lot of fun, I enjoyed speaking with her and am excited about the direction she is hoping to take the organization. The podcast will be released here soon. You should know we almost got derailed right away when I found out she lived and worked in the Soviet Union during its dissolution, one of the most fascinating and impactful events of my life. I would love to have her on the podcast again just to talk about that experience.
  • I also had the chance to interview shared space expert Ben Hamilton-Ballie. This is fascinating. I knew I would like him -- was totally blown away. Can't wait to share that podcast with you, although I feel bad I didn't record our conversation after the show because it was even better. You have to be here at CNU to get some of those things, the little experiences that are most memorable.
  • We were able to pull off Talking Cities, an informal conversation with Jason Roberts, Mike Lydon, Joe Minicozzi and myself on how cities are changing. It was all captured on video and we're hoping to share that here soon.

  • After surviving the NextGen pub crawl, I got up early and met with someone significant about my next book, MoneyHall. I hope to have some important announcements on that very soon -- very positive.


Today, Thursday of CNU, I'm going to be back in the Pan American Grill at the Hotel Lafayette. I have a series of podcasts planned, including our big NextGen roundtable conversation at noon. Hope to see you there.