This FND has gotten away from sorry. I wrote a ton this week (need to take more vacations -- they always bring out the inspiration and motivation) so, if you haven't yet, take some time and read this quality stuff. You won't get this kind of stuff anyplace else.

  • Tuesday: I provide an update to one of our more provocative pieces of all time; the old and blighted block versus the Taco John's. It ain't pretty for the long term viability of the drive through.
  • Thursday: Amid all the conversation about raising the federal gas tax, I provide some perspective for why the dialog is way off the mark.

And finally, I really wanted to share this Tweet of the Week. In St. Louis, where the state is seeking a sales tax increase to fund more of the same transportation system, council member Antonio French puts our policy priorities -- and their consequences -- into sharp perspective.

Heading out of town for a Strong Towns retreat so I'll enjoy my weekend. Hope you enjoy yours as well. See you back here on Monday.