Amid 4th of July festivities, yard work and an evening concert in the park, I spent the bulk of this past three day weekend working on a special project. My goal was to be able to share it with you today and throughout the rest of this week, but it is 1AM Monday morning and I'm leaving for Minneapolis in a few hours so I have to acquiesce and head home for some sleep. I'm close, but not close enough.

I've had this Chris Martenson video as a backup for just such an occasion. I'm a huge fan of Chris Martenson and his Crash Course which really helped me connect a number of dots years ago. It's now updated and, while still nearly an hour, is vastly condensed from the original. It is well worth the time, even if you have heard it before.

The Accelerated Crash Course from Peak Prosperity on Vimeo.

I'm going to be on the road today but back in tomorrow. I hope to be able to drop this project on you at some point this week. Very excited. I think you'll see why.