Chuck and Rachel discuss last week's staff retreat and Member Meetup in Madison as well as Chuck's upcoming events in Topsham and Brunswick, Maine this week. In addition, we cover Chuck's recent reading list including: Overlord by Max Hastings, Waterloo by Bernard Cornwell, Contagious by Jonah Berger, and A Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway.

We welcome several new and renewing Strong Towns members this week:  Connie Moser - Woodbridge, VA; Greg Vann - Brisbane, Australia; David Nelson - Santa Fe, NM; Matthew Robertson - Los Angeles, CA; Marilynn Adams - Lafayette, LA; Virginia Small - Milwaukee, WI; Steve Wilmot - St. Paul, MN; Bob Grewe - Jasper, IN; Rex Hadley - Lake Oswego, OR; Gisele Guerrette - Auburn, ME; Trent Meyer - Grand Rapids, MI; Shane Hampton - Oklahoma City, OK; Michelle Amberg - Creswell, OR.


Wednesday, Oct. 21: Curbside Chat at the Topsham Public Library in Topsham, ME.

Thursday, Oct. 22: Presentation with Joe Minicozzi at the Community Institute's Session 4 on community economics