Here are five reasons to become a Strong Towns member:

W. Carter -  Wikipedia

W. Carter - Wikipedia

1. Because you can’t sit idly by

You took the red pill. As our Board President, Andrew Burleson, said: Once you learn the truth about the Suburban Experiment, you can’t unlearn it. You can’t stop seeing it. It drives you crazy, and it doesn’t let go.

One thing that’s pretty obvious about people in the Strong Towns community is that we’re the type that want to be part of the solution. We’re problem solvers who care about our communities and want to roll up our sleeves and make a difference. Strong Towns gives us tools to do that.

2. You want to see this movement grow

Our goal is to find a million people who care enough to share our message with others. When we reach that point, we’ll see the change we want. That’s a big goal, but we see it happening. We feel the momentum. Our readership on the blog has doubled in just the past few months. And that is after doubling already in the first half of the year. Our stuff is being talked about in city halls and coffee shops all across this country. Chuck's inbox is flooded and our audiences are huge. We’re making progress.

You want to be part of something big. You recognize that the more member support we have, the more we can do to bring you better content plus more tools and resources. We have big plans to make the Strong Towns approach the default approach in our cities. We simply can’t do it without our members.

3. It won’t break the bank

Memberships start as low as $25 and it’s easy to join. Memberships are also tax deductible.

4. This friendship comes with benefits

Be the first to know about Strong Towns events and gatherings in your area; receive early release of reports and other publications; and participate in monthly educational webinars. We’re planning to up our game on these in the coming year.

Sign up now to become a member and I'll send you an invitation to a webinar this week (Thursday, November 12th at 12:30 PM eastern time). Chuck will be doing his latest presentation, Transportation in the Next American City. This is a follow up to the Curbside Chat and the message has proven to be just as powerful.

5. We’re lean

We’ll put your money to good use. Personally, I can tell you one of the things that has impressed me the most since I started working at Strong Towns is the mindset of this organization. It doesn’t feel like a non-profit. It feels more like a a lean start-up. The culture is very entrepreneurial. Chuck and John Reuter from our Board had a great conversation about this during a recent podcast.

What are your top reasons for being a Strong Towns member? Let us know in the comments, or better yet, share on social media!