We’re incredibly ecstatic about the wonderful response to our member drive last week! Thank you to our over 259 new members! We blew past our goal of 1,000 members. As I write this, we are at 1,050 members strong.

In all the excitement about our new members and this growing movement, I want to make sure to express a HUGE amount of gratitude to our renewing members. Last week was obviously a big week for new members, but it was also a big week for renewing members.

Our trend this fall has been 7-10 members renewing each week. So how’d we do last week? Last week we had 54 members renew their membership and recommit to Strong Towns! We’re so grateful. These are people who have been members for a year, some even longer. Some of them are part of our Founders Circle and have been with us from the beginning. Typical of the Strong Towns community, people were incredibly gracious about it.

"It's literally the least I can do." -Kevin Klinkenberg, Executive Director at Savannah Development and Renewal Authority

We had a few people who not only renewed, but then turned around and purchased gift memberships for friends and colleagues. Just incredible! One of our renewing members shared Strong Towns with his mom - which had quite the ripple effect!

Those of you who renewed have shown a great deal of confidence in us and we greatly appreciate it. Many of these renewing members were even kind enough to increase their level of support. 

A year from now, many of our new members will be up for renewal. We promise to provide great content and resources for you so that the decision to renew your membership will be a no-brainer. 

Thank you again and keep doing what you can to build strong towns.