Portland Streetcar Sees Success

The Portland Streetcar recently put out the following infographic showcasing some of its recent successes and ridership stats. Some particular stats to note:

  • 1/3 of riders use the Streetcar to get to work
  • 32% of Portland's jobs are on the Streetcar line
  • 38% of riders do not own a car
  • The Streetcar serves a very broad age range

This is an excellent example of a rail line making a positive economic impact in a city. Of course, it's a PR piece so take it with a grain of salt. But having ridden the line before, and knowing many who use it regularly, I believe it's impact. Given that other cities have tried similar projects with far less meaningful results, it bears sharing. I hope other cities (like my own city of Milwaukee) are able to follow this lead.

Learn more on the Portland Streetcar website.

(Top photo from Wikimedia)