We have a tradition this time of year here at Strong Towns. We spend a couple of weeks reflecting on the year -- those weeks we've just finished -- and then a couple of weeks attending to other things. It's important for us as an organization to have this breather to take on some bigger projects, stuff that is tough to get to while also producing quality content. 

It's also important for us personally -- both we here and you out there -- to take a break, slow things down and have some time to be thankful for everything. We have much to be thankful for.

The Strong Towns movement started seven years ago as a lonely blog sharing some fringe notions of how we could build a stronger country.  This year we had over a million people read our stuff, we presented our message in person to over 10,000 people and I even got an invitation to share these ideas at the White House.

There is one central reason why that has happened: you. It is you who are here with us. You who share our stuff with others. You who support us financially and are helping us grow this movement. I'm keenly aware of the debt I owe you and I feel a deep obligation to all of you to continue on this path. The gift you've given this restless mind cannot be quantified.

So on behalf of our entire staff, all of our contributors, our board of directors and myself, I wish you peace and good will, now and throughout the new year.

We'll see you again on January 4, 2016.

The Best of 2015...