As is our tradition at the end of each year, we are sharing our best content from 2015. This series of pieces was created by Strong Towns contributor, Gracen Johnson, and it had a huge impact this year. Her #PlacesIDontWanttoSit hashtag was used by dozens of people on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and several news sources covered the story.

Gracen's first piece this summer documented the absurd incidence of benches and other seating arrangements built where no one would ever desire to use them, simply to fill a quota:

Gracen's next two pieces were videos. First she gave us a sneak preview of the solution she created in her community. Then, she showed us the "chair bombing" she did in her town, bringing her neighbors together to create functional, artistic seating.

Finally, in a surprising twist at the end, Gracen's chairbombs unfortunately got the boot, but she got to know a neighbor in the process:

Several Strong Towns followers got into the #PlacesIDontWanttoSit game on Twitter, posting photos of the depressing benches in their towns:

This story was covered by City Lab, the Times of Israel and Streetsblog.

Well done on this amazing series, Gracen. And to our readers: please continue to share your #PlacesIDontWanttoSit photos on social media.