I've been switching from winter mode into getting ready for travel mode starting next week so I've not had a chance to put together anything spectacular for Friday. My apologies. My New Year resolution was to be in bed before midnight most nights during the week, something I managed in January but has become harder this month. It's all good -- you all are keeping us very busy and there is a ton of demand for Strong Towns so no complaints. We're making steady progress.

One of the things we were going to try this year was a Reddit AMA. I was going to schedule one this week but didn't and now all of a sudden it is Friday. SO....we're going to do an Ask Me Anything lite.

Using the comments section below, give me your question. Please try to keep it in the less than 150 word range so I have a chance to answer it. At noon eastern time I'll star answering and keep going until we're done. 

Thanks everyone.