Seeking Good People: Help for "Advice Room" #CNU23

Seeking good people: The 23rd Congress for the New Urbanism is right around the corner (April 29th - May 2nd) and we need your help!

CNU Next Gen is working on a big project: we are renting out a small, underutilized part of the conference hotel and hosting “Advice Room”. The idea is simple:

  • Schedule experienced CNU professionals to team up with CNU NextGen attendees, and
  • We set a schedule where conference attendees can bring there municipal plans, architectural drafts, form-based codes, etc.
  • Workshop ideas in small / private groups
  • Think Lucy’s Psychiatry Booth from Peanuts, but with real-life plans.

Our idea is that it’ll allows attendees to get a real value-add with a one-on-one with an experienced professional, and it allows NextGen first-timer to sit down and go over a plan with someone further along in their career. Sessions will be personal and range from about 45 minutes to 1 hour.

We need the following people:

  • Experienced Professionals: Those with experience in the industry with knowledge their willing to share.
  • Young Professionals : Those who want to learn and network
  • Congress Attendees: Those who need help with a project. 

All are welcome to apply; whether you're a planner, urban designer, architect, advocate, politician, convicted felon, or an engineer.

For example, Chuck Marohn has volunteered. We'd sit him down with a NextGen'er and they'd meet with a planner from (insert city) for an hour and go over (e.g.: a bike plan). It's designed to be a private, intimate meeting.

If you're interested in joining, please e-mail me (or fill out the form here). Please fill out the form below and tell us who you are or what you need help with. Interested? We’d love to have you!

Thanks! -Nate Hood

PS. You can sign up here.
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