For some reason Facebook's algorithm felt that I, a father of two chatty princesses who love books, piano and dogs, would be interested in a playset that would teach them "how to take care of a real car."

Here's how the ad describes it:

Powered by eight AAA batteries so it's not going to fill a playroom with toxic gas fumes, this playset features the front-end of a fake car complete with an engine under the hood where kids can pretend to change the oil, swap the air filter, check the dipstick, and even remove the spark plugs and various nuts and bolts. When the repairs are all complete they can even test start the engine to make sure it purrs like a toy kitten. And at $120 it's a lot cheaper and considerably safer than handing them a bunch of tools and telling them to have fun under the hood of your minivan. 

No word on whether or not it comes with a real car payment, a real commute or a real experience of a breakdown when you are late for work.