NextGen Debates & The Late Show

We're happy to announce that both the CNU NextGen Debates and The Late Show will be making an encore appearance this year on Friday night of CNU 23 in Dallas.

NextGen Debates

The NextGen Debates are returning to their edgy roots. Loud music: check. Audience voting: check. Snarky panel: check.

A hardcore mashup of Oxford Debating meets American Idol hosted by NextGen'r Chuck Marohn of Strong Towns. Featuring Howard Blackson, Hazel Borys and John Anderson as our special guest judges.

We are now taking applications for contestants. We will be debating 2 of the following 3 propositions (depending on who signs up for which one):

  1. In the United States today, cities should be using height limits to improve their development pattern.
  2. Auto-based New Urbanism was a mistake.
  3. Sprawl Retrofit is a pleasant concept, but is not a viable solution to widespread sprawl.

The Late Show

Back for a second year is the Late Show hosted by Chuck Marohn of Strong Towns. 

Special guests this year are Patrick Kennedy and Robin Bergstrom.

CNU 23 in Dallas will also include daily Strong Towns podcasting from the CNU media room, a Strong Towns member meetup (thanks to 42 Real Estate for the space) and a Curbside Chat sponsored with support of Ash+Lime Strategies and the Deep Ellum Community Association. Stay tuned for more and, if you're not already registered, make plans to get to Dallas later this month.