Today we are back at it with another full podcast schedule. You'll find us in the open foyer on the Mezzanine Level, which is not the level above the lobby (seriously - many of you were looking for us in the lobby....we're right above you). Stop in and watch any of the podcasts live.

And thanks to all of you giving us feedback as we go. We're so happy to share this with you. Here's the lineup for today:

9:00 AM - Steve Mouzon, the Original Green

9:30 AM - Lee Sobel of RCLCO

10:00 AM - Hazel Borys of Placemakers

10:30 AM - John Simmerman of Active Towns

11:00 AM - Jeffrey Tumlin

11:30 AM - Jesse Bailey of Walkable West Palm Beach

2:00 PM - Lynn Richards, President and CEO of the Congress for the New Urbanism

2:30 PM - Jarrett Walker (Human Transit) and James Llamas (Traffic Engineers, Inc.)

3:00 PM - Sinclair Black and Heyden Walker of Black and Vernooy

Tonight is also the big member meet up. It starts at 6PM at the CNU NextGen Storefront on 2614 Elm St. See you all there.

Buckle up - this is going to be another loaded day.