Lafayette committed to a process with Strong Towns that involved navigating unchartered waters. We had confidence that despite a clearly known destination or path, merely working in good faith with shared goals and principles would result in a positive outcome. A year into the relationship that has proven true. Now we have a Return on Infrastructure Investment Diagnostic Framework that will enable us to make substantially better decisions as we move forward as a community. We hope that Strong Towns can benefit other communities in a similar fashion.
— Nathan Norris of Lafayette, LA

Help the Strong Towns movement equip our community leaders with the tools they need to build a stronger America.

I, Phillip Soares, PE TE MPA, being a Professional Civil Engineer and Professional Traffic Engineer in the State of California, support Strong Towns 100% because it gives me the tools that I did not learn in college to try to make a better community now and in the future.
— Phillip Soares of Modesto, CA

Our community (Carbondale, IL) has recently gone through an assessment of our downtown to attempt to revitalize; Strong Towns gave me tools and language to address our planning committee and planners, and resources to point to in beginning to engage city officials; it also equipped me to begin this process, identify who to approach and how, get involved in local government, not as a partisan but just as a concerned citizen who can work for change.
— Curran Bishop of Carbondale, IL
The Strong Towns approach has provided much of the philosophical basis for the City of Lancaster, California to evaluate its long-term fiscal issues and formulate our responses to those issues. This is not a “planning” approach for us, but a “mindset” and “values” approach that seeks to change the way we think about the built environment and the decisions we make concerning it.
— Brian Ludicke of Lancaster, CA

I initially got hooked on Strong Towns when I saw the video ‘Conversations with an Engineer’ a few years ago. When I find people arguing for wider streets and more parking I share StrongTowns’ blogs and podcasts for inspiring examples of productive development, livable streets and community renewal.
— Ellie Goldberg, Strong Towns Member

The work of Strong Towns has helped me to better understand the financial assumptions behind the work and I do, and it has helped me to make my work more relevant to the communities I work with.
— Marielle Brown of St. Louis
Whether on issues of safety and equity for non-motorized transportation, fighting the car-dominated land-use planning, or offering tools for evaluating the cost-effectiveness of development options, the Strong Towns blog and podcast, plus member comments, give me many new ideas every week.
— Bart Hawkins Kreps of Port Hope, ON
Strong Towns also gives me the ammunition to help me defend politically unpopular decisions (i.e. a road diet) to help the public, politicians and bureaucrats better understand that the old way of doing things may very well lead to bigger problems in the future.
— Jim Roberts of Bend, OR

We're doing amazing things with a tragically small budget. Your support is essential for us to succeed.

I work as a planner, and I believe planners should always be in the habit of observing, questioning, and finding truth, in an arena often dominated by politics and ideology. Strong Towns keeps me observing and questioning.
— Chuen Ng of Lancaster, CA