Last week's debate was educational, entertaining and stimulating. Adding to the fun was the live tweeting done by several Strong Towns members and enthusiasts. In case you weren't on Twitter during the debate, here are some of the highlights from the evening, in chronological order:

This was at the very beginning of the debate, as Randal O'Toole made his opening statement about how self-driving cars are going to change the world. See Chuck's rebuttal to that in this post.

Michael Lewyn made an astute statement about O'Toole's perspective on city and suburban planning, which doesn't quite add up.

Nice one, Mike.

This was a good reminder of something Strong Towns has always stood by--something that was very apparent in this debate.

O'Toole was supportive of user fees for roads, but, as Matthew Steele pointed out, he didn't seem fully aware of what that would entail.

Chuck employed so many solid Strong Towns arguments in this debate.

O'Toole did make some statements that Strong Towns supporters agreed with...

But mostly, he seemed hellbent on loudly stating his point, and not taking into account the nuances of Chuck's arguments.

You can read all the tweets on Twitter: #chuckvrandal, and make sure to join the live tweet action next time we have an opportunity like this.