Strong Towns Among Planetizen's Top 10 Websites of 2015

Some of you have already heard the news but we wanted to share it officially here: We were recently selected by the urban planning and design website, Planetizen, as one of their Top 10 Websites of 2015. We're honored and thankful for this recognition from a website we sincerely respect.

Here is what they wrote about Strong Towns:

Mainstream media outlets have noticed, as have we at Planetizen, how successful Charles Marohn has become at spreading the gospel of Strong Towns. Strong Towns is one of the few essential reads focused on planning, offering unwavering excellence in advocacy, reportage, and rhetoric. Not to mention that the annual #BlackFridayParking event is a model of online engagement. If you're looking for a gold standard of presenting and supporting ideas about how to improve the built environment: Strong Towns is it.

We're particularly pleased that Planetizen chose to highlight our #BlackFridayParking campaign, since that is an event we have been hosting for several years, improving on it and growing it each time. In 2015, #BlackFridayParking week brought over 40,000 page views (more than any other week last year) and was featured in Grist, Gizmodo and CityLab.

We share Planetizen's list with several other phenomenal urbanist sites, including some friends of Strong Towns such as City Observatory and Streetmix.

Thank you to Planetizen for this great honor and congratulations to the other sites on the list!