If you've visited strongtowns.org today, you are likely noticing some changes to the site. Most critically: the blog is gone.

What! But Strong Towns IS the blog. How can they get rid of that content?

We agree -- StrongTowns.org is about sharing all this great content and building a movement for change -- and so we didn't get rid of the content. We're magnifying it.

Our home page at www.strongtowns.org is now a jumping off point for our content stream. There we present our latest material in a way that you can quickly scroll through and find what you want. You can always get back to this screen by following standard convention and clicking on our logo at the top of the page.

If you're interested in a specific writer -- we've got some great ones -- you can scroll down a little and find the latest from whoever you're interested in reading.

We've done the same for our most popular topics. You can find the latest on each of them by scrolling down the home page OR by clicking on one of the links in the new "topics" menu at the top. Expect these to change as we highlight different issues throughout the year.

And this is probably a good time to reiterate that all of our content is licensed for reuse and redistribution under Creative Commons. We want you to share it, use it, rework it and make it matter in your community. Wherever it can help you, use our content to drive your change.

Strong Towns began as a blog. We then built an organization around that blog. Kicking off this redesign is another way that we're shifting from being an organization-with-a-blog to a movement of people and ideas pushing for change.

Thanks for being part of it. As always, your thoughts and feedback are welcome.