Announcing the Strong Towns Photo Contest

A new year means some updates to our website and we want to refresh our header photos as part of that. So we're hosting a monthly photo contest. If you've got a good camera and like to take pictures of cities or towns, we invite you to submit an entry!

Winners will be featured in the banner photograph at the top of our homepage (and potentially other pages), so choosing a photo that is wide and short is best. 

Photos can be anything Strong Towns-related: interesting architecture, neighborhood gatherings, bikes, parks, cityscapes etc. Even ugly stroads or mall parking lots have their place on this site. We prefer that pictures be taken in North America and that they feature at least one person in them, but we are open to any high quality photography.

Winners will be notified by the end of the month. We'll credit them on our website, send them some Strong Towns swag and feature them in a social media post if they wish.

Here are the key guidelines:

  • Please submit high resolution photos only. Images 1500-2500 px wide are ideal. 
  • Photos must be in .jpg or .png format.
  • Photos must be taken by you, and you must have permission to share them. (This is especially important if there are human subjects in the photos.)
  • Limit: 3 submissions per person (although you can feel free to submit 3 new photos each month).
  • Send your submissions in one email, preferably with a Dropbox link, to with the subject line: "Photo Contest January 2016." Please include your name and the location where the photograph was taken in your email. 
  • By submitting your photograph, you agree to give Strong Towns permission to use this photo in any of our online or print materials. (We will always credit you if we use your photo.)

The deadline for this month's contest is January 22.

Happy Snaps! If you have any questions about the contest please leave a comment on this post.

(Top photo from Wikimedia)