Biking isn't only for athletic guys in spandex—it's for everyone. We hope the following guide with simple tips and ideas for making biking easier, more enjoyable and more fun will convince you of that. Strong Towns members from across the country and from all walks of life have shared their perspectives on everything from getting started in the "bike club," to finding a lost bike, to advocating for safer streets. Here's a roundup of their tips and ideas:

(Photo by  Clarkmaxwell )

(Photo by Clarkmaxwell)

1. Getting Started

  • Entering the Bike Club: Gracen Johnson walks us through her entry into the "bike club," and the tension between being a "jolly cycling lady" vs. a spandex-clad cyclist.
  • Winter Biking is Hot: Four tips for making winter biking doable and fun. Hint: You don't need to spend thousands of dollars on special gear to do it.

2. The Joys of Biking

3. Dealing with Challenges

  • How to get Your Stolen Bike BackJosef Bray-Ali found out the key to getting your bike back isn’t just registering it and filing a police report; it’s about having a social network that can come through for you.
  • The Opposite of Bike-Friendly: What happens when your city fails to provide adequate bike racks, then tickets you for locking your bike to a street-sign? Here's how the cyclists of Miami responded.

4. Becoming an Advocate

Happy biking! Check out all our Bike Week content here.

(Top photo by Giuseppe Milo)

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