Vote for the Strongest Infrastructure Project

As part of our conversation on infrastructure spending and the #InfrastructureCrisis, we’re highlighting good infrastructure spending decisions—the ones that truly provide a return on investment, the ones that genuinely make their neighborhoods better and take public ideas into account.

We believe that a nation full of towns that take on small, incremental projects to improve their neighborhoods is a much better model than a nation where the federal government goes trillions of dollars in debt in the hopes of growing the economy through megaprojects.

So we invited our readers and members to submit their nominations for the Strongest Infrastructure Project. We received many wonderful projects, from bike share programs to bus stops to public parks —from cities and towns in 25 states and Canada. 

A panel of Strong Towns staff and contributors reviewed each submission and had a tough time choosing, but eventually settled on the top five projects.

The Strongest Infrastructure Projects

Voting has closed.