Voting is currently underway in our  Strongest Infrastructure Project contest . Don't miss out!

Voting is currently underway in our Strongest Infrastructure Project contest. Don't miss out!

Here's what got the most reads on our site this week:

Vote for the Strongest Infrastructure Project

by Strong Towns, October 24, 2016

Out of dozens of submissions, we've selected the top five community-based infrastructure projects for you to vote on. Read all about them and help us choose the best. Voting closes Sunday, October 30.

Distorting Housing Prices

by Charles Marohn, October 24, 2016

The mechanism creating inflated housing prices in cities like Portland is actually relatively simple. Don't miss the follow-up article and response to comments here.

The Talisman of Colerain

by Johnny Sanphillippo, October 25, 2016

Everything that used to be shiny and new in this town is now aging – not all of it well. This town, like nearly every other town of its vintage, is functionally insolvent.

Washington Street Fantasy Redesign

by Andrew Price, October 27, 2016

What would a main street look like if we designed it first and foremost for people?

How we Subsidize Spread-Out Places

by Richard Bose, October 26, 2016

When a city zones for sparse land uses, it's forcing people in other municipalities with no say in the decision to subsidize this choice. 

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