"It's Thanksgiving! And as always, Target has your whole family covered..." A recent Saturday Night Live parody begins just like a standard big box store advertisement would, with mentions of food, decor and home goods—everything you need for the big holiday. Then it gets way better.

The voiceover continues: "Target's got what you need the most: A big empty parking lot you can just come sit in for a sec." As the ad explains, Target has "over 500 beautiful, empty spots as far as the eye can see." 

That's certainly the case every time I visit a Target, and it's this excess that we've set out to illustrate with our Black Friday Parking event.

We hope your town offers more than just "empty spots as far as the eye can see" for those who need a moment to themselves during the holiday. Wouldn't those spots be better used as parks or businesses or homes?

Join us for Black Friday Parking and help us show the world that we don't need this much parking in our towns.