This year's #BlackFridayParking event was a success! More than 650 tweets and 1.5 million impressions on Twitter means we reached a huge audience. We also had quite a bit of interaction on Facebook and Instagram (40+ posts and dozens more comments on each platform). This year, several participants got creative and posted, not just photos, but also videos, panoramic images and photo collages.

What I love about Black Friday Parking is that it's an accessible entry-point to Strong Towns. It invites our friends who follow us on social media but might not be aware of Strong Towns to wonder why there's suddenly a photo of a parking lot on our social media feeds, especially when everyone around us is tweeting pictures of Thanksgiving feasts and Starbucks holiday drinks. #BlackFridayParking begins a conversation and points out something that's right in front of our eyes (empty parking lots) that so many of us never think about. 

Thank you to everyone who participated in this fourth annual #BlackFridayParking event. I hope it sparks an ongoing conversation in your community about how to make better, more productive use of space. We've got lots of resources to help you with that.

Below are some favorite tweets and instagram posts from the #BlackFridayParking feed on November 25:

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(Top photo by Strong Towns contributor, Alexander Dukes. See more of his #BlackFridayParking photos.)