It's time for another round of Honkus. Back in September, we shared some poetry from a Strong Towns member and creator of Streetsblog, Aaron Naparstek. He's written a hilariously brilliant book called, Honku: The Zen Antidote to Road Rage, which uses funny poems to calm the road rage we all experience at some point during driving. 

Here are three of our favorites:

Together again
at the stoplight—was it worth
all of the speeding?
Sharp turn to the right—
sixty-ounce Super Big Gulp
winds up in my shoe.
Is it you or me
victim of insanity
honker or honkee?

 May they inspire peace inside your honking, traffic-jammed life and maybe even encourage you to grab a pen and try your hand at writing your own.

Want to read more honkus? Grab a copy of this highly entertaining book, Honku: The Zen Antidote to Road Rage, which, as the dust jacket explains "is the perfect fit for the glove compartment, to be pored over while you're stalled in traffic on the interstate."