Every December around the holidays, we take a couple weeks off from producing new content to recharge, work on long-term projects and spend time with our families. We're excited for all that's in store in 2017. 

If you want some Strong Towns content to get you through the break, we encourage you to check out:

1. Our Success Stories - We're very proud of the impact of the Strong Towns movement this year. From Strong Towns members running for office to traffic calming efforts spurred by our members to successful Strong Towns event across the continent, 2016 was a big year. Visit our Success Stories page to learn more.

2. Our Best Content from 2016For the last two weeks, we've been re-publishing our best content from 2016. You can see all of that content (plus best content from previous years) here.

3. Our Resources - Need help calculating the value per acre of a development in your town? Wondering how to host a neighborhood event? We've got you covered. Our Resource page offers lots of ideas and tips.

4. Ask R. Moses - Our secret panel of Strong Towns member engineers—operating under the pseudonym "R. Moses"—answered several intriguing questions this year, and we invite you to submit new questions for 2017. Learn more.

5. Topics You're Interested In - We've created more than 20 pages on our website that each focus on a different Strong Towns topic, from parking to housing to Jane Jacobs. See the full list of webpages.

Have a wonderful holiday and thank you for all your support this year!