Heyden Walker on Building Accountability into Federal Transportation Spending

There’s very little recognition from the people who actually live here that they are, in fact, helping to pay for that project. What I see is that the funds are so carefully hidden under multiple layers of bureaucracy that people don’t understand where the money comes from.
— Heyden Walker

Heyden Black Walker is a Strong Towns "super member" in Austin, TX. She's an urban planner and advocate and serves on the board of the CNU-Central Texas Chapter and on the City of Austin Pedestrian Advisory Council. Today, Chuck Marohn and Heyden Walker discuss the highway I-35 project in Austin, which Heyden wrote about on Strong Towns earlier this year. They talk about the implications of a surge in federal infrastructure spending, the need for better transparency and the local impacts of federal spending in places like Austin.

This interview is part of our ongoing conversation on federal infrastructure spending.


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(Top photo from CNU-CTX)