No home on the political spectrum

I found I don’t fit in our political spectrum ... and you’re kind of an oddball too.
— You, Me, Us, Now Podcast

Today is Super Tuesday. It's also Taco Tuesday at Taco John's. Both will likely give you regrets and leave you feeling nauseous. 

We caucus in Minnesota, which is to say that, here in the deep woods, I can choose to gather for a couple of hours with a dozen or so somewhat-like-minded people who have no kids or commitments -- or have delusions of grandeur -- for the privilege of talking about resolutions the party's candidates will someday ignore. Oh, and also cast a non-binding vote for a party's presidential candidate.

Years ago, I would frequently caucus with the Independent Republicans (which, by the way, dropped the "Independent" in 2004 when they acknowledged they were, like the Democratic Farm Labor party, simply a tool of their national leaders). Today I caucus with two girls over pizza while my wife -- a journalist -- has to work late covering the circus. We gave up cable years ago and so my evening will be enjoyably free of pundits and punditry.

For those of you, like me, who believe that none-of-the-above is a responsible -- perhaps even patriotic -- choice, you may enjoy finding time today to listen to this podcast with Mike McGinn, the former mayor of Seattle. Mike and I originated from very different places on the political spectrum but today find ourselves aligned on many, many things that need to happen.

This is a discussion about cities and politics and the search for a new, national consensus.

You can follow McGinn's podcast You, Me, Us, Now on KIRO Radio or on iTunes.

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