Last week, we received an email from a journalist who covered Chuck Marohn and Joe Minicozzi's speaking engagements in Santa Rosa, CA earlier this year. Gary Quackenbush, a reporter for the North Bay Business Journal shared the following good news:

The Strong Towns/Urban3 legacy in Santa Rosa is very much alive and well; I see the new City Manager, Sean McGlynn, is embracing your ideas as the city moves forward with Transit Oriented Development. The urban growth boundary advocates and the open space corridor fans also applaud your concepts for urban infill. More buffer zones are on the ballot for expansion this fall (surrounding present urban growth boundaries) and the SMART train is scheduled to debut. [...] You and Joe Minicozzi made a great, positive impression on our community with lasting effects.

That's why we do this work: so that cities and towns across the country can grow stronger and more resilient. We're glad the movement is growing, and that the impact of this message lasts far beyond one event.

Has Strong Towns made a positive impact in your community? We'd like to hear about it! Please contact Rachel Quednau to share your story.

(Top photo by Johnny Sanphillippo, taken in Santa Rosa)