Cast Your Votes for the Elite Eight

We started this contest with the simple goal of showcasing towns that were working hard to be strong and resilient. We've been overwhelmed by how many towns signed up to compete, and how many of our readers have gotten involved in the contest -- voting, sharing these stories and lobbying their friends. We're down to the Elite Eight, and tomorrow, we'll announce our Final Four. Here are the current standings:

  • Hopkins, MN (57%) vs. Hoboken, NJ (43%)
  • San Marcos, TX (60%) vs. Sandusky, OH (40%)
  • Holland, MI (69%) vs. West Palm Beach, FL (31%)
  • Carlisle, PA (69%) vs. Truckee, CA (31%)

Voting closes at 11pm CT tonight, so cast your votes to help us determine the Final Four in our Strongest Town competition. There's still plenty of time to rise to change these rankings.

We'll announce the Final Four tomorrow and next Monday, we'll share podcasts with representatives from each of those towns, giving you the chance to vote once again. Finally, next Thursday, we'll hold a showdown webinar between the two final towns.

In case you missed them, here are the Elite Eight match-ups, in which each town shared photographs to demonstrate their strength and resilience: