Announcing the Final Four in our Strongest Town Contest

A diverse mix of towns is advancing to the Final Four round in our Strongest Town contest. Each town displayed strength and resilience in the form of citizen engagement, accessible neighborhoods, community pride and the handling of local challenges. From a busy New Jersey city to a friendly Michigan town, these places have shown that they've got what it takes to be strong now and in the future.

Here's how the final votes came down:

  • Hoboken, NJ (59%) vs. Hopkins, MN (41%)
  • Sandusky, OH (51%) vs San Marcos, TX (49%) 
  • Holland, MI (73%) vs. West Palm Beach, FL (27%) 
  • Carlisle, PA (68%) vs. Truckee, CA (32%)

And here's the updated bracket:


Thank you to all the towns who have participated and everyone who has voted. On Monday, we'll share podcasts with representatives from each of those towns, giving you the chance to vote once again. Finally, next Thursday, we'll hold a showdown webinar between the two final towns.