Hoboken, NJ vs. Sandusky, OH

Welcome to our Final Four round of the Strongest Town Competition. We invite you to listen to the following interviews that Charles Marohn, president of Strong Towns, conducted with representatives from two towns in our contest. Once you've finished listening, please scroll down to the bottom to vote for the strongest!

Hoboken, NJ

Phil Jonat, a lifelong New Jersey resident, talks about how Hoboken is a place where people can raise kids and grow old, plus the amazing Italian food, gorgeous riverfront, diverse businesses, and vibrant downtown. He also opens up about the challenges of affordability in this desirable city.

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Sandusky, OH

Ryan Whaley (local business owner) and Eric Wobser (City Manager) discuss Sandusky's supportive community, the amenities that their waterfront location offers, the historic architecture, and the walkable neighborhoods. They also share their community's challenges with connectivity and creating a welcoming atmosphere for diverse residents.

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Top graphic by Matthias Leyrer