Top Strong Citizen Discussions this Week

This week's theme of Strong Citizens generated a lot of discussion in our comment sections and on our Slack discussion forums. I was surprised that many people viewed some of this week's content as controversial. From debates about the value of debt to conversations about the realities of trying to go car-free, here are some excerpts from discussions among members and readers on Slack throughout the week:

Strong Citizens and Debt

This discussion began on Monday with our first podcast of the week, an interview with Mr. Money Mustache:

Several people jumped in to discuss the value of buying a home and whether it's worth going into debt to buy a house. Then Chuck Marohn added his perspective:

How to Choose a New Community and a Strong NEighborhood

Strong Towns member, Jeff Weidner, started a great conversation later in the week when he asked for advice on how to choose a new neighborhood and find a new community, in light of an upcoming move:

The Car-Free Lifestyle

An ongoing discussion throughout the week was the challenge of implementing some of the Strong Citizen ideas that we shared this week: living in a small home, driving less or not at all, growing your own food, etc. Strong Towns member, Spencer Gardner countered the idea that these ways of living were "extreme" or "unattainable," which resulted in a reflection on our capabilities to implement these models in our own lives:

Read the rest of these conversations or start your own on our Strong Towns Slack discussion forum. It's been wonderful to see so many members, readers and listeners active on this discussion forum, but I know there are more of you out there who haven't yet joined, or who have joined but haven't yet participated in discussion. We invite you to participate. It's simple and not intimidating. We promise.

(Top photo by Johnny Sanphillippo)

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