Today's events on the Iron Range

We had a fantastic first day on the Iron Range in Grand Rapids. The top photo in this post came from a meeting we had focusing on arts and culture. A lot of creative people around the table ready to paint outside the lines, hack their city and make their place a Strong Town. We had a fun walking tour where we looked at some of the good -- and a little bit of the cringe worthy -- in downtown Grand Rapids. Our Curbside Chat was also well-attended with an extended Q&A that was really great. We recorded it and will see what we can do to get that released soon. Lots of momentum here. Lots of people wanting to make their city better.

Yesterday's comic moment happened when, during the Q&A, Chuck informed everyone how he loathes center turn lanes -- mindless engineering -- then pointed out how the bridge over the Mississippi River has a center turn lane. With arrows. He paused and let that sink in which had everyone laughing. Orderly but dumb. Here's that bridge -- go ahead and turn.

Today's Schedule

This morning, Chuck and Jason start out in Chisholm, MN, meeting with a city administrator there.

Next, they'll head to a conversation with residents and leaders in the Chisholm area to discuss arts funding.

At 2pm, you're invited to tune into a webcast we're hosting, led by Peter Kero of Barr Engineering, a firm in the Iron Range. It's called "Redeveloping Brownfield Sites to Revitalize Communities." Get more information and sign up here.

The next event is in Hibbing. Chuck Marohn will lead a public Curbside Chat at 4pm at Barr Engineering (3128 14th Ave E, Hibbing).

Finally, the day concludes at 6:30pm with a tour of the future home of the Iron Range Makerspace, hosted by Makerspace facilitator, Andrew Hanegmon. Everyone is invited to come along.


(Top photo of yesterday's Strong Towns events in Grand Rapids, MN by Lee Bloomquist)