Today's events in the Iron Range

Day 2 on the Iron Range was largely spent in Hibbing, with a short stop in Chisholm. We got a chance to meet with another excited group of artists (mostly female -- see the top photo) and talk about all the great **little** things that can be done to reactivate parts of these cities that need some love. Some really smart people here with a lot of ideas that need to happen.

Our Curbside Chat was also really well attended with a lot of good questions and discussion. We're definitely seeing a good mix of people and sensing a lot of momentum for a broader conversation on growth, development and prosperity. One of the themes that kept coming up was the downtown and the surrounding core neighborhoods as an ecosystem -- a social, cultural and economic ecosystem. In both Hibbing and Chisholm, that ecosystem has been starved of sunlight and water for a long time, but we're convinced that just a little bit of both and the place pop back to life.     - Chuck Marohn


Today, Strong Towns is hosting several events in the East Range area of Minnesota.

First up, Jason Schaefer and Chuck Marohn will lead a walking tour of Hibbing at 9:30. Meet at the Hibbing Area Chamber of Commerce (211 East Howard Street). During the walk, we'll observe things that are working well and how small, incremental, low-cost improvements could make a big difference for people and businesses downtown. 

Then at 12pm, Chuck will host a panel discussion called, "Collaboration is Crucial," at the Lyric Center for the Arts (514 Chestnut St, Virginia), a building that will be discussed in more detail later today. Creating partnerships that function well and deliver is not easy. It takes a lot of work and trust-building, but, it's work that pays off. Our panelists will talk about the challenges and opportunities that have come about through collaboration.

In the afternoon, Chuck will participate in private meetings with local leaders.

Then at 6pm, Chuck will host a Curbside Chat at the Mesabi East School in Aurora (601 N 1st St W), This event will highlight creative ways to build better places and create more job opportunities, all while utilizing the assets that already exist in the community. 


(Top photo of yesterday's conversation with with artists and entrepreneurs at the Minnesota Discovery Center in Chisholm, by Jason Schaefer)

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