Strong Towns staff share their favorite Twitter feeds. Here's what we're reading:

Charles Marohn
President, @CLMarohn

(Nassim Nicholas Taleb) Flaneur, with focus on probability (philosophy), probability (mathematics), probability (logic),probability (reallife), deadlifts, Lebanese wine, dead languages

Nassim Taleb is the Patron Saint of Strong Towns Thinking. He uses his twitter feed largely to call out phonies and charlatans; those without skin-in-the-game who use their positions to make others fragile. It’s a modern version of a School of Athens debate: intellectual but not for the timid.

(Tomas Sedlacek) Complicated. Human. Mostly.

Tomas Sedlacek has become one of my favorite economists and, despite many of his tweets being in Czech, he does enough English -- and links to enough English works -- to make it one of my favorites.

(Patrick Kennedy) Stylish European man, apparently.

Patrick is witty and insightful as well as being a tweeting machine. Plus he's a Strong Towns member. I learn more news and insights from his feed than any other. He’s the only real professional urbanist I follow. You’ll gain a one-liner a day from Patrick.

(Aaron Naparstek) Subspecialty in livable streets neologism. #honku#sneckdown#streetfilms.

Aaron Naparstek is a master of the form and I follow him largely to learn the art. He’s the author of some famous parody accounts and uses his real feed for his own brand of advocacy.

Welcome to the official Twitter page of His Holiness Pope Francis

I have the Pope on text alert and enjoy receiving the occasional 140 characters of reflection and inspiration.

@BaseballPro writer/editor,@GleemanAndGeek co-host, JCC basketball camp 1996 co-MVP.

One of my early blogging inspirations, Aaron is my favorite commentator for my favorite sports team, the Minnesota Twins. In difficult times such as these, it’s important that the few of us Twins fans remaining support each other.

Rachel Quednau
Communications Specialist, @RQuednau

Impact Storyteller | Founder@_theplugdaily | Covering #tech #equity#environment @theroot @triplepundit@nextcityorg @fastcoexist|

Sherrell writes for a number of publications that I read and reports on business, equity and other urbanist topics.

Dad, Husband, @21stWard Alderman, Social Entrepreneur, Founder of @North_Campus@AuburnU grad, devoted @FootballAU fan, @WUSTLMBA. Snapchat: antoniofrench

Alderman French became Twitter-famous after the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, MO. He covered many of the events and protests there. I continue to follow him for his perspective on local government and racial justice.

An all-powerful enterprise. Parody account.

These tweets are straight up hilarious and very intelligent.

Senior Fellow at City Observatory (@cityobs). Militant Midwesternist. Ravioli and buses.

Daniel offers valuable insights on urbanist issues, especially in Chicago.

Writing @CityLab. One-time @NHMLAtour guide. Holler w/ yr dino questions:

I love Laura Bliss's CityLab articles and her twitter feed is just as rich with intriguing (and sometimes funny) content.

Official Twitter page for fair trade retailer Ten Thousand Villages US - Sharing artisan stories, product info, and customer favorites #LiveLifeFair

As a big supporter of Fair Trade enterprise, I enjoy the information, products and profiles shared in this Twitter feed.

Amplifying women's voices. Changing the conversation.

We need more women in media. This Twitter feed highlights their stories and the push for equality.


City planner + urbanist at @TODUrbanWORKS; former Vancouver chief planner; @CanUrbanism President; CBC Radio regular; writer/speaker/change-agent/city-maker.

A former city planner, Brent is one of the most active urbanist users of social media.  He’s a passionate practitioner and advocate for creative, vibrant city-building.  

Chief Planner, City of Toronto

Jen's twitter account offers a often frank peek into the inner workings of urban planning in a large city

Jeff Wood is an urban planner living and working in the SF Bay Area.

Jeff Wood shares a lot of great info on what is going on in cities around the world.

(Allison Arieff) Editorial Director, SPUR. Write about design/architecture for the New York Times. Mom, backyard farmer, former EIC of Dwell.

Allison Arieff posts about architecture and design. Her broader perspective helps take me out of my “urbanist bubble” and reflect on the broader urban landscape. 

(Jarett Walker) Public transit policy consultant, author of  and the book Human Transit (Island Press, '11). Humanities PhD.

Jarett Walker is my go to source for evidenced based insights on all things related to public transit. His tweets provides useful insights into how transit works, and how we can use it to create better cities and towns.

Managing Editor @Planetizen | Name is pronounced Brasuell, like Casual | Tweets are Casual, like Brasuell.

James Brasuell is Managing Editor @Planetizen. His tweets offer a more ‘causal’ look at the world of urban planning and related interests.

Jason Schaefer
Member Support Specialist, @JasonSchaeferGF

(Alissa Walker) I'm a writer, a gelato-eater, and a walker in LA. Urbanism editor at @Gizmodo. Easter-themed Peeps only, please.

Alissa Walker shares a good variety of stuff with a dose of humor mixed in. She has also done some great features of Strong Towns content.

(City Observatory
) Original research and a data-driven approach to what matters for city success.

These guys have some of the best analysis of housing policy and trends you’ll find out there.

(Hazel Borys) Working for resilient communities. Managing Principal @PlaceMakersLLC. Urbanist, Engineer, Mom, Runner, Walker, Biker, Cook, Gardener, Blogger, Connecter

Hazel is an excellent urbanist on many levels. She is a great communicator and brings a lot of technical knowledge to her work as well. She's also an expert on livable winter cities. 

Thanks to Planetizen for the inspiration for this post!