CNU NextGen Debate: Call for Contestants

As we announced earlier this month, our own Chuck Marohn will be hosting the NextGen Debate at CNU 24 in Detroit. We're bringing back our amazing judges, loud music and snarky fun as a backdrop to some serious intellectual pounding.

Here are the topics we're pondering for CNU 24. We're going to do two of these three, depending on who signs up for what.

  1. The autonomous car is going to revolutionize cities in a positive way.
  2. Gentrification is America's most urgent urban social justice issue.
  3. CNU has more to gain than lose by aligning intellectually with the concept of smart growth.

If you are going to be at CNU and would like to argue for or against one of these propositions, sign up today.

Name *
Which debate topic would you like to debate?
Do you wish to argue in support of the proposition as it is written or in opposition?


A note to potential contestants: You will be teamed with one other person to argue for or against the proposition (feel free to find your own teammate). You will be expected to do a six minute opening statement -- no lame 30 second drunken screed or you will be remorselessly ridiculed -- and then a three minute rebuttal. This is going to be recorded and live streamed to the world so you are going to not want to stink. You have been warned.

Good luck, everyone. We'll see you in Detroit.

(Top image compliments of Wikimedia.)